Youth Work

Since 2015, the DAFC HD has organized, in cooperation with the Stadtjugendring,
a poster competition for youth between the ages of 6 and 20 under the patronage of Mayor Eckart Würzner. The entrants design a poster according to a chosen theme; the topics are very diverse and mostly topical. The best works in the various categories are awarded cash prizes and there is a public award ceremony and an exhibition.

Theme 2015/2016 – „Deutschland meets USA – USA meets Deutschland“
Theme 2017/2018 – „Digital Future“
Theme 2018/2019 – „Climate Change – How to Help?“
Theme 2020/2021 – „Volunteer Work - Are you In?“

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Link to the youth program of the VDAC

A highlight oft he is a summer trip to the USA. German youth take part in an educational two week program which includes a homestay experience with American families.
A highlight of the VDAC youth Program is a summer “encounter and language” trip to the USA. The educational two-week program includes a homestay experience with American families.