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The German-American Women's Club Heidelberg (DAFC) was founded in 1948 by American and German women who made it their task to promote understanding, peace and friendship among nations after the difficult years of war. It was particularly important to them to help those in need. That was the beginning of the Penny (Pfennig) Bazaar, with the proceeds of which many people could be helped; this Bazaar is still the heart of our club life as well as an integral part of Heidelberg city life.

The goal of our club today continues to be that of opening contact between German women and women from all corners of the world.

Our active club life is enhanced by diverse interest groups like sport, languages, art and culture, in addition to monthly joint activities, outings, and social evening events to which friends and partners are also invited. The main focus is still organizing the Penny Bazaar and thus supporting social projects in Heidelberg. The donation ceremony in the Heidelberg town hall is our annual highlight.

Our club is a member of the Association of German-American Clubs and as such, takes part in a student exchange program between Heidelberg and selected American universities and in a diverse youth program. The Heidelberg Club currently consists of 140 international members. Our club languages are German and English.

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